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MiteArrest Mouse

Stop wasting valuable technician time treating each rodent with risky dips, spot treatments, and injections. MITEARREST® consists of individual cotton balls impregnated with permethrin that are placed directly into the rodent's cage. Animals readily accept MITEARREST® and quickly turn it into nests. Through constant contact with the treated cotton, not only are existing fur mites killed, it also eliminates new mites as they hatch.

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Technical Data

MITEARREST® is shipped in boxes containing enough bedding to treat approximately 300 mice for the entire treatment cycle. MITEARREST® delivers only 1800mg of Permethrin per kg bodyweight, an amount that has been shown to be non-toxic to rodents. 

Enhanced by the use of a proprietary manufacturing technology which binds most of the permethrin to the nesting material, MITEARREST® reduces the risk of permethrin absorption by lab technicians. 

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